Research Reports

Opportunities for Early Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage Development in China
June, 2012

Considers strategies for harnessing cost effective integrated carbon capture utlisation and storage (CCUS) project potential in Shaanxi Province, China.

GHG Emissions Embodied in Trade
June, 2012

With no globally comprehensive agreement until 2020, there is a serious concern that the environmental effectiveness of climate policy in developed countries will be compromised.

Pathways for Energy Storage in the UK
April, 2012

The report takes an integrated approach to examining the drivers and barriers to the development and deployment of different forms of energy storage in the UK.

Building Confidence
April, 2012

This paper provides an analysis of thermal performance data for new build and retrofitted homes. It looks at factors which determine the performance gap and enables stakeholders to consider targeted processes which can improve performace, helping the industry to move towards minimising the performance gap.

Biorenewables: Improving crops and processes for integrated biorefineries
March, 2012

This report examines the optimisation of the commercial potential of biorefineries by maximising the value, volume, and range of materials that can be produced from feedstocks.

The Economics of Low Carbon Cities: A Mini Stern Review for the Leeds City Region
January, 2012

The groundbreaking ‘Mini Stern’ report provides a framework for analysing energy performance data at city level. The report shows that UK cities could cut billions of pounds from their energy bills by exploiting commercially attractive opportunities in energy and carbon management.

Making the Change: The Transition to Low Carbon Supply Chains
December, 2011

This report identifies drivers and barriers in the transition towards low carbon supply chains from a business perspective.

The Retrofit Challenge: Delivering Low Carbon Buildings
November, 2011

This report examines the current status and future potential of building retrofit for energy performance and carbon saving in the UK. A brief review of current policy and building stock is followed by discussion of ways forward.

Supply Chain Environmental Analysis: A New System for Delivering a Low Carbon Supply Chain
November, 2011

We establish the need for a state-of-the-art Supply Chain Environmental Analysis Tool (SCEnAT) for the management and accounting of carbon emissions across product supply chains.

Technology Innovation for Energy Intensive Industry in the United Kingdom
July, 2011

We take first-hand evidence from industry to assess the innovative low carbon technology solutions needed for the UK’s key energy intensive sectors. Potential technology options, barriers to low carbon investment and the need for policy support and technical co-operation have been examined sector by sector.

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