Event: Worldwide University Network Joint 4th Public Health/Responding to Climate Change Global Challenge Conference

28th March 2014, 9:00am to 30th March 2014, 6:00pm

Cape Town, South Africa

Closed Event


Using the transgenerational approach developed through previous meetings, this meeting will:

  1. explore the public health implications for current and future generations of biological, behavioural, social, technological and policy responses to climate change in LMICs;
  2. further conceptual understanding and identify knowledge gaps around the relationship between climate and environmental related migration and resultant health outcomes impacting individuals, families and communities
  3. further conceptual understanding and identify knowledge gaps relating to food and nutrition security, especially in LMICs, and the impact of land use and behavioural change upon health and wellbeing.

We also aim to discuss the under-researched significance of transgenerational health in relation to the post-2015 sustainable development goals and to build relationships with relevant agencies working in these areas and the private sector to maximize the impact and reach of our research into policy agenda.

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